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How do I login to our web site?  Enter your E-mail address and Password in the upper right then “Login.”

How do I get a password or what if I forgot my password?  Enter your email address then "Forgot password."  You will be led through the process to reset your password.

Where can I get information on upcoming events?  The next four events are listed on the middle center of the HOME page.  Click on “EVENT CALENDAR” for a complete listing.

How do I update the information in my online profile?  Login to our web site.  "View profile" /  "Edit profile."  Update your email address, phone number, volunteer preferences, etc. then "Save."

Where is our Forum?  Login to our web site.  “MEMBERS ONLY” / “Member Forum”  On the Forum page, you can click on an existing topic, create a new topic and subscribe/unsubscribe to the Forum.  When you are subscribed to the Forum, you will receive an email whenever a member makes a post.

How can I get pictures or event announcements onto the web site?   “CONTACT US” / “Click Here For Officers, Directors and Volunteers.”  Contact information and areas of responsibility are given for all CCBR officers, Directors and Extraordinary Volunteers. If you are still not sure who to contact, “Click Here To Contact Us Online.”

How can I send an email to another member?  Login to the web site,  “Members Only” / “Member Directory.” Scroll down or Search for the member and click on the email address under Contact Information.

Why doesn’t the web site look right on my netbook?  The system requires a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768.

Why is one of the menu buttons off the screen?  Why does the "Body" line for messages not come on until I put the cursor in the text box?  It’s probably the browser that you’re using. The site is totally compatible with Internet Explorer 7 & 8 and Firefox (win & mac) 3.0 or later. It is compatible with minor limitations with Safari (win & mac) 4.0.5 or later and Google Chrome 4.1 or later. For further browser compatibility information please click HERE.


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